I have to make her mine

[OOC] Stats/Permissions

Name: Scar
Age:  Unknown.
Height:  Lion
Weight: Lion... on the slightly lean side
Eyes: Green.
Hair: Black
Physical traits: He ....has a scar on his left eye? That's about it
What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: Scar is a sneaky guy. Whatever you throw at him, he'll slip right past it. So it's cool!
Abilities: Lion. :D
Notes for the Psychics: Not a good place to be. Scar's thoughts are pretty dark and angry. Hatred towards Mufasa, hatred towards lions, hatred towards Simba, yadda yadda SCAR HATES EVERYONE!!!
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc? Ask first
Maim/Murder/Death: Scar may be a villain but I'd like to know beforehand if you were going to kill me.
Kissing/Hugging/Etc?: OH GOD WHY
Cooking: ... lol
I am that rare and awesome thing

[OOC] APP!!!

Character: Scar
Series: The Lion King
Character Age: Unknown, adult lion.
Counselor Job Monkey's uncle
Canon: From the day we arrive on this planet and step into the blinking sun, we await one thing - the arrival of the new king to protect and rule the Pride Lands. And the new King chosen to bear this role was a young cub named Simba. Unfortunately, that didn't sit too well with his uncle Scar who had other ideas on how the management of the Pride Lands should work.

You can say many things about Scar and none of them are nice. Unable to match might with Mufasa, Scar finds himself at the bottom of the food chain, even among his own kind. So he channels his bitterness and anger towards getting the one thing that matters to him:
Power. Sarcastic, devious and often gracing everyone with his dry wit and humour, Scar is more than willing to play up the role of helplessness as long as he succeeds. And he will succeed. You just won't realize it all went according to plan.

Sample Post:

Well, isn't this simply precious?

Ah, but where are my manners? You may call me Scar, though I wouldn't mind a sir or two tossed in there. It's so hard to get the respect royal blood deserves, you see. All the same, a little deference, I find, can go a long way. Though in a place that looks like it's in dire need of proper cultivation, I suppose it's only natural for your etiquette be one of the first things to suffer. However, these are things that can be easily rectified with a little help ♥~ Oh, but who am I to be so rude and leave you in the dark? I'm not too fond of being a monkey's uncle... still, why don't we stick with that until something more appropriate comes along, shall we? I can make do for the time being, trust me. There are worse things in this world, things I cannot speak of. It would be most ungracious of me. Why, that would be like me telling you about the secret treasures in the lake! ... Oh dear, I didn't mean to let that slip. Now whatever shall I do?

Since you're so eager and I shouldn't let such matters rest so easily, not when I let the unwitting mouse out of the cage. There are many stories concerning this land of Seefud, but the most interesting one concerns the lake. They say, deep within the lake lurks something of great power. Yet I'm sure your Queen, or whatever you locals call her, has told you all about it. It's not like she would keep secrets from you, would she? Oh, it seems that there are some misplaced trust issues here. My, this is quite a dilemma. If I had known I would cause such a rift in such a relationship, why, I would have kept my errant tongue shut! Ah, but it's too late for that isn't it?

I suppose... it's only right to keep you informed, since there was such a serious breach of trust here. Honestly, what was she thinking? This thing of great power hidden in the lake is called the Golden Pineapple of Sageness, possessor of divine "flava" as you locals would call it. What is this thing? Well, stories of it have been rather.... vague, but think about it. If the Queen kept it from you, well, it's certainly something of great importance, isn't it? Maybe it'll even mend the strained relationships amongst you all. And I do hate to see people fight. Why, it's positively unbearable. Yes, run along now, go retrieve it and fulfill your destiny!

Oh, and when Marcy's done with you and if there's anything left, do pass on a message for the Director, would you? Tell her...

The King has arrived.